Featured Items
 This section will showcase some items we have available (some items are not in our online catalog proper yet).  We will have a detailed explanation of their features and how they can help you as a flyfisher.  These make great gifts.  The content of this section will change periodically, so check back often!  (All prices in Canadian dollars.)  Go to our order page to order any of these items.

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The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference 
by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer
This is by far the most complete fly tieing reference book ever created.  3,000 colour photographs and 400,000 words.  It shows hundreds of fly tieing techniques step-by-step.  This is one for the library.
price. $148.98
Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes
by Skip Morris and Brian Chan
This is an excellent book!  Full of information for lake flyfishers of all levels.  It has a combination of fly tying, entomology, and fish biology.  Good technique section.
price. $36.98
Modern Fur Flies
by Petri Pajunen
Natural movement of fur is often irresistable to all fish.  This includes techniques and patterns for both dry and wet fly applications.  Full colour book, 48 pages.
price. $25.98
by the Chevalier Net Co.
These are big fish nets for those 28-inch plus trout!  The netting material is a soft cloth mesh for maximum fish protection.  They are made in 3 sizes: Float tube, Pontoon boat, and boat.  Available in: walnut and ash; maple and ash; or rosewood and ash.  Most importantly made in Manitoba!
Float tube net: price $55
Pontoon boat net: price $75
Boat net: price. $110
Ultra Inflatable Vests
 by Stearns
This is a life saver!  Most flyfishermen hate wearing life jackets because of their bulkiness.  These can be worn over or under a vest, with the freedom to move.  Just pull the ripcord and the vest will rapidly inflate.  Also equipped with an oral inflation tube for extra safety.  1 CO2 cartridge included.  Perfect for float tubers!
price. $144.98
The ultimate bug protection!
Good protection against ticks, black flies, mosquitos and no-see-ums.  Rugged 100% polyester.  Up to 64% UVB protection.  Certified flame resistant.  Lightweight and cool.  Truly and asset to the flyfisherman.  Available in olive and camoflage.
Head mesh - price. $9.49
Mesh jacket price. $34.98
We have a whole line of Bug-Me-Not products, including pants, gloves, and gaitors.  These will be indexed soon.
 Tie-Fast Combo Tool
Our top seller!
This 4-in-1 tool will be your best friend. Built-in line clipper, nail knot tier, eye buster, and hook hone.  High quality stainless steel.  An excellent gift item!
 price $15.98
Fly Right Stomach Pump
Take the guesswork out of matching the hatch.  Pump that first fish and be sure.  No mess, small diameter, tapered end.  Easy to use.  Won't hurt fish.  Clips to vest.
price $8.49
Pflueger Purist Fly Rod
Fly rods for the novice.  Emerald green finish.  IM 6 graphite.  Available in weights 5,7, and 8.  Length 8'6".  Beautiful rods for the price.
price. $61.98

Okuma Fly Boxes
Every want a Wheatley fly box without the price?  This is it!  High quality aluminum.  Features spring-loaded see-through windowed compartments, clip boxes with stainless steel clips, foam boxes with high density non-absorbent foam, and ventilated boxes that provide better air circulation so flies dry quicker.
6 windowed compartments, clips in lid
6 windowed compartments, foam in lid
Foam base, clips in lid
10 windowed compartments, clips in lid
10 windowed compartments, foam in lid
16 windowed compartments, clips in lid
16 windowed compartments, foam in lid
Clips in base and lid
Vent/clips base/lid/leaf
Foam base, clips in lid (larger size)

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 The bottom line fishin buddies are by far the most compact units on the market The can mount on boats  but better yet floatubes and pontoon boats. To the flyfisherman its a dream come true .weighing only 5 pounds it can be backpacked .when exploring new lakes it takes the guess work out .The features I like the most is having constant water temperature and depth  it allows you see see under water structures like shoals and drop offs especially in murky water conditions.For special mounting brackets for float tube and pontoon boats  view  Fishin buddy mounts
Fishin buddy 1200 is the most affordable out of the three basic 
  • high resolution 128 verticle pixel display
  • side and bottom view from one compact transducer
  • super twist LCD
  • digital boat speed (with purchase of speed option)       $254.98
  •  Not available until february 2000
  • fishin buddy 2200 has replaced the fishin buddy two it is the original  go any where any way sidefinder
    • multiview screen provides both side and bottom views one one screen
    • operates for up to 40 hours on three c batteries
    • extrermly portable weight just five pounds
    • easy to read 128x 64 supertwist display
    • will mount to anything anywhere
    • fully adjustable telescopic shaft for easy transport and storage  $ 319.98 

     fishin buddy 2250   is the most advanced portable fish finder ever made 
    • high resolution 160 verticle pixel display
    • multiview screen providesboth side and bottom views  from one compact transducer
    • operates up to 40 hours on three c batteries
    • easy mounting
    • magnetic compass
    • advanced directional scanning display
    • the most fish finding coverage available in any portable unit    $420.98